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We apologize, we are not accepting any new clients due to our relocation to Greenville AL.  We have closed our office in Pelham and are searching for a new office location in Greenville.

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Few Words About Us

Widdoss Therapeutic Massage tucked away in Greenville AL is the answer to your therapeutic massage aches and pains.  If you are looking for professional, relaxing, therapeutic massage services from a small local massage office that truly cares about your personal well-being, Widdoss Therapeutic Massage is the place to go!

Did you know that massage therapy is more than relaxing or destressing downtime? Studies continue to prove benefits, both emotional and physical, by receiving only a single massage therapy session.  As the number of health benefits grows, Widdoss Therapeutic Massage is the place to turn to in helping you achieve a those custom benefits of massage.


Type Of Massages

Each massage offered at Widdoss Therapeutic Massage is customized specificially for you:

Swedish Massage - a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork

Therapeutic Massage - deep tissue, relaxation, or a mix of both

Prenatal Massage - regardless of how far along you are, we will make sure you are comfortable and leave relaxed


What Customers Say

  1. There is a reason that this place has all great reviews, because it's just a wonderful place to get a massage and they are very accommodating. I scheduled an appointment at 10 on a Sat. But had to cancel because of a schedule conflict, which was not a problem. I really wanted to get a massage for my fiance. And was able to get another appointment at 12:30 the same day. This was my fiances first massage and she loved it and felt rejuvenated. She says she will definitely come back.
    LaDarius H
  2. Very nice!!! Both my wife and I enjoyed the experience and would recommend them over anyone else.
    Jamie U
  3. My wife and I just had a couple's massage and couldn't be happier. James and Lauren are very friendly and professional. Customer service before the appointment was first rate.
    Andrew D
  4. Had my very first professional massage with James and couldn't be happier. The atmosphere was very welcoming! James made me feel comfortable and explained everything thoroughly before and after the massage. The price is very reasonable as well! Will definitely come back in the near future :)
    Sarah H
  5. Just moved here from Texas and was dreading finding another massage therapist to replace the one in Dallas. After a few hits and misses I came upon Widdoss and have certainly found my new massage home here in Alabama. James and the gang do their best to accommodate your schedule and provide a super high quality massage experience. Highly recommended! Thomas
    Thomas F
  6. I've visited many massage practices throughout my life, but I have continually received one of the best massages from James. He is helpful to suggest things to do outside of the massage appointment to improve my health. I just completed the final massage in the package I bought and will be renewing again soon.
    Heather J
  7. Excellent!! Very professional and very personal! I have a lot of back discomfort after a spinal fusion several years ago. They did a great job at attending to my personal needs without having to tell them where specially where I have discomfort. Very relaxing and very effective! I have definitely found my massage therapy studio for future needs!!
    Nicole R
  8. Hi my name is Amber. I have had two amazing visits to Widdoss. They are polite and a very talented team. I have always felt great after one of their massages. I would refer them to anyone! Thanks so much again James and Beth!
    Amber L
  9. I am a long term massage patient so when I went to see Beth for the first time yesterday I was very pleased to learn she has very talanted hands. I went for a 1 hour deep tissue massage and am feeling the results today and will feel even better in the days to come. Thanks Beth.
    Pat H
  10. Had a wonderful 60 minute massage from James. He was very professional and thorough. I felt very refreshed and so relaxed that it was difficult to stay awake to run a few errands after it! .
    Violet C